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Reflection of 2015 Goals

In 2015 I grew a lot as a frontend web developer. I developed a fully function GulpJS based build tool that a whole design team uses to rapidly develop eCommerce websites.  I also started working a lot more with JSON API’s and developing apps that consume API’s. Below are the Goals I had for 2015 with … Continued

Goals & Focuses for 2015

I have learned a lot in 2014 while becoming a front-end developer and working remotely full-time. In 2015 I plan on learning even more about front-end development. Below are some of the professional goals I want to focus on and improve in 2015. Contribute code to an existing open source project. Finish my WordPress starter theme & workflow. Develop a … Continued

What I learned this week #3

What I learned this week (and the past few weeks) I have missed a few weeks of this blog post and I am making up by including what I have learned over the past few weeks. I am more comfortable with command line Git and no longer need the windows GUI version. I have started using gulp.js … Continued

What I learned this week #2

Second week of doing, “What I learned this week”. Writing these has helped me reflect on the past and will give me good insight into what I have done over the month and even the year.

What I learned this week #1

I’m going to start trying to blog more and doing a weekly post on what I learned throughout the week.

Making updates to websites

I recently updated my portfolio. I added in some of my more recent web design work and removed the older work. With the design update to my portfolio, I also updated my blog design.

Blog is back & This Week In Tech with Kevin Rose

Something happened to my blog a few weeks ago (I think it might of been hacked) where the admin username was changed and the CSS for my custom theme was removed. I am just now recovering the blog and I’m going to use a WordPress theme until I can make my own again (No, I … Continued

Graduated and Moving to Seattle

I recently graduated at Washington State University with my Bachelors degree in Digital Technology and Culture and will be moving to the Seattle area in the next few weeks to start my new job doing as a web designer at CrystalCommerce. I am really grateful to have found a great job right out of college.

Redesign Process of Palouse Food Bank Website

A group of other DTC (Digital Technology and Culture) WSU students and I were placed into a group to do a redesign of the Palouse Food Bank website. The site that was presented to our group before the redesign process was a default WordPress theme (Twenty Ten) that had been slightly customized with a background … Continued